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Corporate Retreats

We’ll Put Wind in Your Sales

Looking to reward your employees for a great quarter?
Are you looking to bring your staff together as a team and gain focus?
Have you hired lots of new staff and need a unique way to host an employee orientation?
Need a special place to host your annual company picnic?

If so, Hood River […]

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Windsurfing Clinics

In addition to our daily programs we offer specially scheduled clinics. Windsurfing Clinics in Hood River WaterPlay with JaK and his staff help you learn to sail better; the right way! Making waterstarts, harness use, and jibes, easy, fluid and fun! Don’t be afraid of the big winds of the Gorge, it’s a great, safe, […]

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Windsurfing for Kids

Gorge Kids 2

Gorge Kids 2, works on balance and confidence with the wind and water. Students learn to tack and jibe, sail upwind and problem solve by sailing back to where they started. Kids need to pass Gorge Kids 2 Skills Test to progress.

Gorge Kids 3 & 4

Gorge Kids 3 focuses on high wind techniques. […]

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Instructor Certification

Learn to teach windsurfing and make money having fun in the sun!
It’s unbelievable that we can love a sport as much as windsurfing. And we all usually want to connect with as many people as possible who share this excitement. Now you can take your passion even further. Learn to TEACH windsurfing from one of […]

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Windsurfing Lessons – Level 5 – Jibes

Cost: $169 Course Length: 2 hours
Time: 9am, 12pm, & 3pm daily

First Carving Jibe

In 15+ knots, are you using your harness and footstraps 90% of the time? If so, you’re ready to learn your first jibe. You’ll learn techniques that you can build on and depend on in all conditions. If you lose speed, fall […]

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Windsurfing Lessons – Level 4 – Advanced Hook & Foot

Cost: $149 Course Length: 2 hours Time: 9am, 12pm, & 3pm daily
Is your short board giving you problems? Are you comfortable sailing in your harness, or are you getting launched? Are you in both straps? Eliminate the frustration, join this class and learn how to sail comfortably in 15+ knots of wind by smoothly getting […]

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Windsurfing Lessons – Level 3 – Waterstarts, the Holy Grail of Windsurfing

Cost: $99 Course Length: 2 hours Times: 9am, 12 & 3pm daily
Aahh… the WATERSTART. The “Holy Grail” of windsurfing. A proficient waterstarter has the freedom to sail just about anywhere.

Beach Start/Shallow Water. Learn to identify wind direction, maneuver the board, and use the wind to get on top of the board. Waterstart 1 begins […]

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Windsurfing Lessons – Level 1 & 2 – The Fast Track

We highly recomend this combo package.

Go from the basics to planing (going fast) in three days.
Learn enough to sail with confidence.

Here’s the complete program:

Two 3-hour sessions with a U.S. Sailing Certified Hood River WaterPlay Instructor
Membership in Hood River WaterPlay’s T.O.W. Club (FREE SAILING TIME !!! – see below)
Land based simulation
“Hands-on” on-the-water instruction
All beginner equipment: wetsuit, […]

Windsurfing Lessons – Level 2 – Beginning Shortboard

Cost: $99 Course Length: 2 hours Time: 9am, 12pm, & 3pm daily
This class is designed to convert the accomplished entry level windsurfer into a competent high wind sailor.
Learn harness use, a manageable high wind sailing stance, and sailing up, cross, or down wind on any point of sail without a centerboard. A graduate of this […]

Windsurfing Lessons – Level 1

All of our Entry Level Lessons are taught by U.S. Sailing Certified Windsurfing Instructors and are ALL Inclusive: wetsuit, PFD, booties, and your own personal windsurfer rigged just for you!
EVERYTHING is included, just bring your swimsuit & towel, and we’ll provide the FUN!

GOOD Quick Start:
2 hrs. Only $79. PLUS One FREE hr. of practice on […]

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