From: Brian Thornton [mailto:*****] Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 5:01 PM
Subject: Testimonial and upcoming return visit

Dear Jak, and Friends,

Two summer seasons ago, our small family, along with another couple, had the good fortune to spend a brief vacation in Hood River. We were there with a chief interest in beginner Windsurfing instruction and to hopefully find some entry level gear for sailing up here along Hood Canal, WA. My good friend Ron and I were greatly pleased to find both at Hood River Waterplay. We both took the US Sailing two day learning program and found some early success.

Even though it wasn’t fully the warm season, we didn’t mind as we began to learn some new skills. At the conclusion of our lessons we were offered a great opportunity to purchase some beginner level used gear. That, along with some rigging demonstrations, really capped off a great trip. After finding a rooftop gear solution for the journey, we brought the gear home and have been really active sailing here on our own little section of Hood Canal during the summer months.

I wanted to send this note along as a thank you, and as a testimonial of the quality instruction and friendliness of the crew at Hood River Water play.

Brian Thornton
Seabeck, WA