Cost: $99 Course Length: 2 hours Time: 10am & 2pm daily

This class is designed to convert the accomplished entry level windsurfer into a competent high wind sailor.

Learn harness use, a manageable high wind sailing stance, and sailing up, cross, or down wind on any point of sail without a centerboard. A graduate of this class can expect to sail longer and more effortlessly in higher winds. Beginner Shortboard I (SB-I) Fast Tack, Harness use, High Wind stance, and an emphasis on going fast! Beginner Shortboard II (SB-II) Same as SB-I, but use of our faster boards and bigger sails for even more power and speed!

This class is designed to convert the accomplished beginning sailor into a competent high wind sailor.  A two hour long class with emphasis on:

  • Sailing transitional boards
  • Harness use
  • Manageable high wind sailing stance
  • Sailing up and downwind without a centerboard or centerfin
  • Planing (sailing fast-skimming over the water fast)

A graduate of this class can expect to sail longer and more effortlessly in high winds.

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I’ve never felt like I was going so fast in my life. What a rush.
Carl, Bonn, Germany


Successfully passed a Certified Beginners Course, plus have logged at least 10 hours of sailing time on beginner equipment. Must be able to successfully tack, jibe and sail upwind on a beginner board. Familiar with Self Rescue procedures.

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Beginner Shortboard 1 – Fast Tack

This class takes the Beginning accomplished sailor and gently introduces them to higher wind sailing and techniques. The student will be sailing where they will be exposed to higher winds, yet still in a protected area.  You will learn:

  • How to position and use your body weight effectively for sailing comfortably in higher winds
  • The techniques of using a harness which will give you the power to sail longer effortlessly
  • To sail all points of sail; upwind, reaching,  downwind – without using a centerboard
  • The shortboard tack, a faster, smoother tack, essential to short board sailing

Beginner Shortboard 2 – Pivot Jibe

This class focuses on your first power jibe. Instead of the slow longboard jibe, we’re going to teach you a jibe that uses the power of the wind and the speed from your board, a pivot for transition sailors. In this class you’re going to experience the power of windsurfing, you’ll use your body, the power in the sail and the speed of the board. It’s an amazing and very rewarding synergy between all the elements in windsurfing. This jibe is the beginning of understanding the advanced jibes tackled later in your windsurfing. It’s hard to beat the exhilaration of your first powered up jibe!