Intermediate Level: $198.00 per person
Shortboard Sailing: Intro to SB; Fast Tack/Pivot jibes, or Waterstarts Private
2 hrs. of instruction gear included
Bring a friend $50.00 off for 2nd person

Aahh… the WATERSTART. The “Holy Grail” of windsurfing. A proficient waterstarter has the freedom to sail just about anywhere.


Beach Start/Shallow Water. Learn to identify wind direction, maneuver the board, and use the wind to get on top of the board. Waterstart 1 begins in shallow water and slowly progresses as the student goes into deeper water. Throughout the lesson, students can touch but if a student progresses further, we definitely won’t hold anyone back. The lesson begins with teaching you how to set up in a neutral position, important for resting and proper set up and how to read the wind, fly the sail, steer, position your board and perform sail and board 180’s without struggling.


Learn to waterstart in waist to chest deep water. In Waterstart 2 you will learn how to waterstart in deeper water using techniques that will ease the learning curve for Waterstart 3. You will focus on learning to solve the sail, board and wind direction set up, or any other help you need. We’ll share our quick tips that definitely help in eliminating set up time and struggle. If one wishes, this is the course where we can teach you the clew first waterstart.


Learn how to waterstart in water over your head, in currents and waves. With this skill, you can windsurf Anywhere! This class takes all the skills of Waterstart 1 and 2 into deep water. Your instructor will glide along side of you on our Rescue Wave Runner, or sail along side of you. By having your instructor near you either on a wave runner, or sailboard, you can feel safe and comfortable to float and practice your waterstarts as far as you’d like. Your instructor will be by your side assisting you, ready to pull you in should you tire. Feeling comfortable and having an instructor beside you while in deep water helps so much in getting the feel of deep water waterstarts. You’ll soon have your Travel pass!

Have successfully passed the HRW Beginners and Transitional Courses, or can successfully tack and pivot jibe on transitional boards in 12 + knots of wind. Can hook in and out of a harness and can sail all points of sail without a centerboard or centerfin.

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Waterstarts has given me the confidence I need to really start learning now. Thanks!
Jane, Darien, CT