Advanced Level: $199.00 plus gear rental, or BYO
Hook & Foot Private  

Is your short board giving you problems? Are you comfortable sailing in your harness, or are you getting launched? Are you in both straps? Eliminate the frustration, join this class and learn how to sail comfortably in 15+ knots of wind by smoothly getting into the harness and locking into both footstraps for ease, comfort, and control. Taught as a Private lesson (one or two students) using high performance gear sailing in the open waters of the river away from any crowds.

If you’re sailing shortboards in 15 + knots without your harness or footstraps, your rides probably feel like “Wet Bronco Billy Rides!” In the Hook & Foot Class you’ll learn how to effortlessly sheet in and sail faster. This class will teach you that by changing your body mechanics, using the footstraps and harness with accuracy and commitment, you will stabilize your hi-wind sailing. We’ll teach you how to get planing quicker and how to keep from getting launched. No more Bronco Billy Rides, this class will make high wind shortboard sailing fast and friendly. After your Hook & Foot Class you’ll be able to sail in Cruise Control!


Have successfully passed the HRW Waterstarting courses and can waterstart in 30 seconds from both sides in 15 knots of wind and higher.

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I’ve only got so much time on the water. You’ve really helped me in a very short time.
Adam, Chicago, IL