Advanced Level: $199.00 plus gear rental, or BYO
Jibes Private  

First Carving Jibe

In 15+ knots, are you using your harness and footstraps 90% of the time? If so, you’re ready to learn your first jibe. You’ll learn techniques that you can build on and depend on in all conditions. If you lose speed, fall in your turns, or are just plain confused with too much information, this class is for you. If you’ve never tried one or you need to learn how to finish one this class is for you. We’ve expertly broken down the jibe so that it’s easy to learn. In this class, first you’ll memorize and practice the right moves of the jibe on land. Then you’ll take your lesson to the water with the instructor near by. You’ll get immediate feedback as your jibe happens. Additionally, wind permitting, you’ll be video taped, so you and the instructor will clearly see what’s next for your jibing.

Step Jibe

This class will take you into the realm of fully powered step jibes. You’ll learn the timing of stepping, sail release, and planing out of your jibes! This class is for the sailor looking to master jibing. Taught as a Private lesson (one or two students) using high performance gear sailing in the open waters of the river away from any crowds. This is an exhilarating, no fear jibe. The jibe most preferred by pros, and easy enough for you. If you have the basics of the carving jibe, we can take you into the realm of fully powered step jibes. You’ll fine tune the power of sheeting in with the full potential of carving on the rail. You’ll better understand the timing of stepping and the fluid motion of perfectly, coordinating the sail’s release with the board’s acceleration. All summing up to make for a fast in, fast out jibe!

Want more?

We will customize any 2 hr. session for you and add the use of waveruner assisted instruction, video analysis, or use our GO PRO for your own video!


Have successfully passed the HRW Hook & Foot Class, or can waterstart in all conditions in less than 30 seconds and can sail COMFORTABLY, hooked into the harness with the front foot in the footstrap.

I can finally jibe!!! I should have come to you years ago!!!
Larry, Phoenix, AZ

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