85% of our first-time customers take Level 1 or Level 1&2 package. More Details / Sign Up

Continues where Level 1 leaves off. Learn how to use a harness and plane. (go fast) More Details / Sign Up

 Aahh… the WATERSTART. The “Holy Grail” of windsurfing. A proficient waterstarter has the freedom to sail just about anywhere.  More Details / Sign Up

 Learn how to sail comfortably in 15+ knots of wind. More Details / Sign Up

This class will take you into the realm of fully powered step jibes. More Details / Sign Up

There are two common ways to learn how to windsurf – trial and error or lessons.

The trial and error method can be a wet experience. We encourage beginners to attempt their first windsurfing experience  in an  official U.S. Sailing Level I lesson format. Windsurfing lessons are FUN! Lessons make the learning experience more enjoyable, have you sailing much more quickly, and with a much better base of skills than if you try it on your own. Windsurfing lessons from Hood River WaterPlay, with our US Sailing Certified Instructors, give you the confidence to progress quickly. Fun for the family.

Instructors at Hood River WaterPlay can prevent you from picking up bad habits that you will have to unlearn or correct later. Remember windsurfing lessons utilize finesse–not brute strength. All of us at Hood River WaterPlay will make what appears to be difficult a lot easier and you’ll soon be enjoying the sport of windsurfing!

I appreciate you teaching my wife and kids. Now we can all sail as a family. That means more time on the water!!!
Bruce from Bend, OR



Our daily Kids Windsurfing Lesson program for:

  • Kids who have never windsurfed before, or for beginners to waterstarters, and beyond.
  • Kids who have had a beginner lesson once before but still feel the need to work on the basics, or specific skills.
  • We also have the Gorge Juniors Racing Team for those aspiring to race. We provide coaching all the way up to the Olympic, and World Class levels!

An introduction to high wind techniques — each child will be given a harness, smaller board and gently introduced to a hi-wind sailing stance, hooking in, tacking and jibing with a powered up sail.

Kids learn to waterstart in shallow to chest deep water. Windsurfing lessons provide a risk-free way to learn. The lessons are Guaranteed.

Hood River WaterPlay provides you everything you’ll need to enjoy your windsurfing lessons, including: wetsuit, booties, life preserver, helmet, your own personal windsurfer complete with a sail to fit your body size and current wind conditions. MORE INFO on our Kids program

Call (541) 386-WIND (9463) one (1) to two (2) days in advance of your appointment to confirm your reservation and check for weather conditions.

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