Windsurfing Lessons

All of our Entry Level Lessons are taught by U.S. Sailing Certified Windsurfing Instructors.

Two hours plus one FREE hour of rental after lesson
Morning Session: 10:00 a.m.

This class is designed to convert the accomplished entry-level windsurfer into a competent high wind sailor.

Two hours plus one free hour of rental after lesson
Afternoon Session: 1:00 p.m.

We highly recommend this combo package. Go from the basics to planning going fast. Learn enough to sail with confidence.
Plus one hour free rental after lessons

Shortboard Sailing: Intro to SB; Fast Tack/Pivot Jibes, or Waterstarts Private 
2 hrs. of instruction gear included
Bring a friend, $50.00 off for 2nd person

Hook & Foot or Jibes Private
Plus gear rental, or BYO

There are two common ways to learn how to windsurf – trial and error or lessons.

The trial and error method can be a wet experience. We encourage beginners to attempt their first windsurfing experience  in an  official U.S. Sailing Level I lesson format. Windsurfing lessons are FUN! Lessons make the learning experience more enjoyable, have you sailing much more quickly, and with a much better base of skills than if you try it on your own. Windsurfing lessons from Hood River WaterPlay, with our US Sailing Certified Instructors, give you the confidence to progress quickly. Fun for the family.

Instructors at Hood River WaterPlay can prevent you from picking up bad habits that you will have to unlearn or correct later. Remember windsurfing lessons utilize finesse–not brute strength. All of us at Hood River WaterPlay will make what appears to be difficult a lot easier and you’ll soon be enjoying the sport of windsurfing!

I appreciate you teaching my wife and kids. Now we can all sail as a family. That means more time on the water!!!
Bruce from Bend, OR

Call us to reserve your spot: (541) 386-WIND (9463)