A&B together when purchased as a package $279.00 plus one hour free rental after lessons

We highly recommend this combo package.

  • Go from the basics to planning (going fast) in three days.
  • Learn enough to sail with confidence.

Here’s the complete program:

  • Two 3-hour sessions with a U.S. Sailing Certified Hood River WaterPlay Instructor. This means the first lesson is a 3-hour level I “A” class plus 2 hours of free practice time. Next is the 3-hour level I “B” class another 2 hours of free practice time. 
  • 2-hour session for the 3rd class, which is SB-I
  • Membership in Hood River WaterPlay‘s T.O.W. Club (FREE SAILING TIME !!!)
  • Land based simulation
  • “Hands-on” on-the-water instruction
  • All beginner equipment: wetsuit, booties, life vest, helmet, and your own personal windsurfer, rigged just for you.
  • Instruction in wind theory, carrying your equipment, tacking & jibing, safety techniques, and more
  • Harness use
  • Manageable high wind sailing stance
  • Sailing up and downwind without a centerboard
  • Planing (sailing fast-skimming over the water fast)

Third (3rd) day of Fast Track

Designed to convert the accomplished entry level windsurfer into a competent high wind sailor.

Learn harness use, a manageable high wind sailing stance, and sailing up, cross, or down wind on any point of sail without a centerboard. A graduate of this class can expect to sail longer and more effortlessly in higher winds. Beginner Shortboard I (SB-I) Fast Tack, Harness use, High Wind stance, and an emphasis on going fast! Beginner Shortboard II (SB-II) Same as SB-I, but the use of our faster boards and bigger sails for even more power and speed!

A graduate of this class can expect to sail longer and more effortlessly in high winds.

PREREQUISITE: Desire to sail, and sail fast.


Call us to reserve your spot:

541-386-WIND (9463) • 800-WND-SURF • 800-963-7873